22 August 2009

almost there!

With just 9 days remaining til I leave for Africa, I am amazed at how the Lord has so evidently answered my prayers. Although not all of my support has come in, the amount I have left to raise seems so much more manageable. I now have enough money to cover all of my crew fees for the entirety of my trip, I just need the money for a flight home!
Now that most of my friends have left for college, I have found myself with two weeks just full of free time. Because I love to bake so much, I decided I should try selling some of my favorite things and see if I could raise just a bit more money before I leave. I expected that maybe a few people would be interested, but I didn't really think I'd get much response. Thanks to people spreading word through emails, however, I have now sold over $300 worth of breads and desserts in just 3 days! My hope is that over the next week I am able to continue baking and selling and will be able to earn at least 1/4 of the plane ticket.
Another way that God has clearly answered my prayers has been through something as simple as facebook! I have been worried about traveling all the way to Africa without knowing a single person when I arrive. But through facebook I have been able to meet a couple of people that will be on the ship at the same time as me. One person in particular is about to serve for the second time, so he has been extremely helpful in answering my constant barrage of questions and helping me to feel more sure of what to expect.
Seeing God's answer to prayer so clearly portrayed over the past two weeks has truly helped to strengthen my confidence and ease my fear about traveling so far from home. I can hardly wait for these next 9 days to go by so that I can be on my way!