30 July 2009


On September 1st, I will step on to a plane in preparation for a life changing experience. I am currently preparing to spend seven months on the western coast of Africa to serve the Lord aboard the Africa Mercy.
Why, you might ask, would an intelligent girl like me put off college for a year and spend thousands of dollars of my own money in order to live on a ship in Africa? Since an early age I have desired to serve the Lord across the world through missions. Romans 12 commands Christians to no longer conform to the patterns of this world, but instead to be transformed! I am not content to just stay in the US, to attend college, then get a job, then make money. I want to explore this magnificent world the Lord has created and use my gifts and talents to serve the Creator.
With just one months before I leave, I am overwhelmed by the amount of preparation I have left! I just recently found out that the cost of my trip will be about $2000 more than I originally expected. Through the generous gifts of friends and family, as well as having held a car wash and having sold t-shirts, I have raised a large percentage of the money needed. I am still in need of enough money to pay for the last two months of ship fees as well as for my plane ticket home. I am working on creating another fundraiser in order to raise a bit more money before I leave. I will also continue to collect donations directly through Mercy Ships as long as I am in Africa. If you would like to aid me by sending in financial support, please visit the Mercy Ships website for more information.
I trust that the Lord will provide the money because I have no doubt that He plans for me to spend these seven months in Africa, and He will be faithful to provide everything necessary to accomplish His will. Still please continue to pray that I will continue to stay strong in this faith even though I have absolutely no idea where this large chunk of money will come from.
Please also pray that the Lord will prepare my heart for this trip and will ease my fears. Please pray that He will provide me with strong, close friendships on the ship and that I will not become too homesick for my friends and family here in America.

God bless!