01 February 2010

I Could Sing of Your Love Forever

Yesterday afternoon the Africa Mercy set sail once again for her week and a half long trek to Togo, prepared to start the 2010 field service. Around 1 pm the alarms went off to practice an at-sea fire drill, necessary in order to muster the crew and make sure everyone is present and prepared to leave. Within half an hour the gangway was lifted and the ship was leaving port! While setting sail from Tenerife was not nearly as exciting as from Benin, I am ready to head towards Togo for the final stretch of my time with Mercy Ships.
Last night a few of my close girlfriends all decided that we would go up to to Deck 7 for some time of worship since we did not have our usual Sunday evening church service. Around 8:15, three of us headed up there with just a small booklet of sheet music. Within fifteen minutes, about three more friends had arrived, one girl bringing a guitar to accompany our singing. By an hour's time, the group had grown to nearly fifteen people! Everyone heard our singing and came to join in. Sitting outside, feeling the wind brush against my face, hearing the waves crash against the ship, unashamedly singing praises to my God, I felt so alone and enraptured by His incredible creation, but at the same time so comforted by the community of believers surrounding me. We kept singing song after song, praising the Lord for the work He has done, thanking Him for what He has created, crying out to Him in our distress, and seeking His protection as we head into the mission field once again.

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  1. I love the picture you painted with your words. I can imagine you all singing and can relate to the emotion of it all. I'm glad you are having these experiences. Love you.....